Custom data builder

Use the form below to build your custom data. You can add multiple pieces of data using the plus button at the end of a row.

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Custom data comes in key value pairs. The key is the reference name for the data (e.g. Aircraft Type), and the value is the value we want to assign to the data.

For example, let’s say that your jobs advertise for pilots, you may well want to store the aircraft type. Aircraft type is NOT in the default JobRelay data set for jobs. Therefore we could use custom data to send this.

In the name input box we would enter “Aircraft Type” and in the value input box we would enter “Air Bus A380” for example.

When the job is sent to your WordPress site, this data would be saved as meta data against the job with the meta key of aircraft_type. Notice how the key is made lower case with spaces replaced with underscores.