JobRelay field reference guide for JobAdder integrations

The tables below outline the data that arrives in WordPress from the JobAdder JobRelay feed. Data is saved by mapping it to WordPress meta or taxonomy terms.

As well as the fields below, all providers send the required fields and the geo located fields are also available in the feed.

JobAdder fields

JSON nodeData typeExample valueNotes
salary_currencystringGBPCurrency code for the salary
salary_fromfloat10000A number (float) for the lower salary.
salary_tofloat15000A number (float) for the upper salary.
salary_perstringannumFor more information please see our Default Values.
salary_benefitsstringLaptop & healthcareFreetext, additional salary information.
salaryfloat15000A number (float) for the salary.
featuredboolean11 to mark as featured or 0 (default) to not be featured.
job_locationstringLondon, UK
job_typestringContractA pipe (|) separated list of job types.
job_industrystringITA pipe (|) separated list of job industries.