JobRelay field reference guide for JobAdder integrations

The JobAdder integration with JobRelay is a little diffferent from the other providers and as a result this means the data sent to WordPress differs slightly.

The tables below outline the data that arrives in WordPress, available to save. Data is saved by mapping it to WordPress meta or taxonomy terms.

Required fields

JSON nodeData typeExample valueNotes
job_referencestringREF-123unique reference assigned to this job.
job_titlestringWordPress DeveloperThe job title – no HTML allowed.
job_descriptionstringthe main description of the job. It can contain the limited HTML elements.
application_emailstringtracking123@site.urlThis is the email address used to direct job applications to.
application_urlstringhttps://site.url/apply?job=12334The URL on which applicants should apply.
job_sourcestringAwesome Job Posting ServiceA string representing the source of the job (where it was written). For example JobAdder.
publish_datestring12/12/2023The date the job was published in JobAdder

Optional fields

JSON nodeData typeExample valueNotes
salary_currencystringGBPCurrency code for the salary
salary_fromfloat10000A number (float) for the lower salary.
salary_tofloat15000A number (float) for the upper salary.
salary_perstringannumFor more information please see our Default Values.
salary_benefitsstringLaptop & healthcareFreetext, additional salary information.
salaryfloat15000A number (float) for the salary.
featuredboolean11 to mark as featured or 0 (default) to not be featured.
job_locationstringLondon, UK
job_typestringContractA pipe (|) separated list of job types.
job_industrystringITA pipe (|) separated list of job industries.