WP Job Manager salary data settings in v1.37.0

Written by Mark Wilkinson on July 19, 2022

With the latest release of the WP Job Manager plugin, version 1.37.0, new settings and fields for salary information have been added. WP Job Manager was long missing salary fields to allow authors of jobs to add salary information and this release makes these features available to users.

Users of JobRelay are likely to notice some differences and maybe experience some things not working quite as they should. Therefore in this post I am going to outline the changes, the impacts and what options you have for making your site compatible.

What has changed?

The WP Job Manager have now added new settings for the following:

An image of the WP Job Manager settings screen with the new salary settings outlined in a red rectangle.
The new salary settings screen options in the WP Job Manager settings screen.

The WP Job Manager plugin is now providing fields for job salary. Previous to this, JobRelay was saving salary data for each job, however as there was no salary field in WP Job Manager, you would not have been able to visually see the value in the job edit screen.

What are the impacts of this change?

For users of JobRelay, this change brings some real benefits as well as a few headaches and maybe some things that need fixing on your site.


There are a couple of easy wins here.

Improved structured data markup

The biggest win here is that the structured data markup of your jobs is going to be improved. The WP Job Manager outputs structured data markup for each job. Google users this specific markup to index your sites jobs.

However, for WP Job Manager jobs, this always came with a warning that no salary data was present, which could have been effecting your sites job rankings in the results.

This change fixes that by adding the new job salary data to the structured data markup and improving the structured data read by Google.

Improved candidate experience

With each job now having clear salary data displayed, this improves the experience candidates have of viewing jobs on your site, and if viewing them via Google jobs.