Like most software that interacts with other software, JobRelay has some requirements that need to be in place for it to work successfully, integrating with WordPress.

This page outlines the requirements of JobRelay.

What are the requirements of JobRelay?


Your WordPress site must be served of SSL which means that your sites address must contain https rather than http. Additionally, your site must have a valid SSL certificate and not throw any browser warnings when visited. This is the same for any staging or development sites you would like to integrate with initially.

https and the padlock in the address bar, indicating a secure site, being served over https.

All quality web hosting platforms now serve websites over HTTPS as there are significant advantages to doing so, the main one being security. Therefore, even if you site is not yet served of HTTPs, changing this should be straight forward.

Email deliverability

To ensure that applications taking place on your website can be tracked back into Broadbean, your WordPress site must be able to deliver emails.

To test this, run a password reset test from the login page. If you receive a password reset email your site should be fine.

Find out more about applicant tracking with JobRelay

If your site handles a lot of applications, we recommend off-loading the email functionality to a third party tool in order to make this more reliable.

Get in touch if you would like help with this

Job board plugin or custom post type

JobRelay takes the jobs delivered from your job posting and distribution software and injects them into your WordPress site’s job board as new jobs.

Therefore, your WordPress site must already have a job board installed and working. A job board would typically handle search, a job listings page, a page for each job on the site and an application form.

We always recommend the excellent WP Job Manager plugin for WordPress.

If you need a job board creating or installing on your site, we have RecPress which provides an fully integrated job board including:

Most job board solutions for WordPress, provide a job listings page, job search, a page template for showing each job and an application form.

At the very least, your site should have a custom post type for jobs. A new post, in this post type will be created when a job arrives from JobRelay. The associated job data will be mapped to be saved either as post meta (custom fields) or terms in a given taxonomy, according to your sites configured mappings.