Why use JobRelay?

A question we often get asked on sales calls is Why use JobRelay? After all, most of the providers we integrate with offer their own APIs which developers could use to allow jobs to be delivered to a WordPress site.

There are many reasons for using JobRelay and in this article we will outline why it is a good idea to use JobRelay to connect your WordPress webiste with Broadbean, LogicMelon, Idibu or JobAdder.

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No developer expertise required

Any use of an API requires an experienced developer to interpret the API and then build something that utilises it to work with WordPress.

JobRelay handles all the developer knowledge for you, so you don’t need a developer to complete all the complicated parts.

And, on top of that the JobRelay team complete all the integration configuration steps for you as well.

Ongoing support

Customers using JobRelay have access to our support throughout their license period. This includes any assistance with the feed of jobs from your posting provider.

We are hear to help keep your integration running smoothly.

Additionally we are constantly keeping our WordPress connector plugin up-to-date and working with the latest releases of WordPress and popular plugins.

Jobs are WordPress (custom post type) posts

JobRelay saves jobs from your posting provider as WordPress posts, in a custom post type of your choice. Why is this important?

It means you have native data in WordPress and you can manipulate this in any way you like, using regular WordPress functions. You are in control of how jobs are displayed on your website.

This is particularly important for showing jobs in different areas of your site. For example, you may have landing pages for the different sectors you work with and since jobs are stored natively as WordPress posts, they can easily be queried anywhere on your site.

Faster integration lead times

A JobRelay integration takes no longer than a couple of weeks and for most providers this could even be a couple of hours.

Having a developer build something utilising an API could take months.

Excellent value for money

JobRelay takes care of all the complicated parts of an integration for you and as a result of doing this on a number of websites it is the cheapest way of getting your WordPress site integration with Broadbean, LogicMelon, Idibu and JobAdder.

Developer friendly

If you are a developer, JobRelay is extremely developer friendly and it is written with extensibility in mind.

Take a look at your documentation and developer hooks.