Forcing the company name field

Recruiters often do not want the company name of the company they are hiring for to appear in the company name, or hiring organisation on their WordPress jobs. As a result this field is often left blank in the feed of data to your site.

This can cause issues where the Hiring Organisation name is left blank in structured job data, used by Google to index jobs.

If this is the case we would recommend populating the company name for all your jobs with your own company name.

You can easily do this by filtering the job data that arrives to your website from JobRelay and forcing a specific company name.

 * Overide the company logo field for all jobs.
 * @param  array $job_data The array of job data sent from JobRelay.
 * @return array $job_data The modified job data array.
function jobrelay_overide_company_name( $job_data ) {

	// set the company logo field.
	$job_data['company_name'] = 'Highrise Digtial'; // replace with actual company name.

	// return the job data.
	return $job_data;


add_filter( 'jobrelay_wpcon_job_data', 'jobrelay_overide_company_name', 10, 1 );

The example above will force the company name for all jobs to be Highrise Digital. You should replace this in the code, with the company name you want to use. You can place the code above either in your active themes functions.php file or in a plugin.