How does JobRelay remove jobs?

Please note – this article does not apply to using JobRelay with JobAdder as the commands are different.

There is only 1 mechanism JobRelay uses to remove jobs from WordPress. This is by using the delete command in your posting provider.

When a delete command is sent from the posting provider, the command should also contain the job reference of the job you wish to delete. JobRelay then finds a job with that reference on your WordPress website and removes the job.

What about job expiry?

Each job is sent with a job expiry date. JobRelay saves this date with the job, by mapping this data to a field in WordPress. Usually this is included in the meta mappings section.

Although JobRelay saves the expiry date, it does not include the functionality to remove jobs on or after that date. Your WordPress website should include this functionality.

Customers using RecPress have this functionality included.