Integrate a upload CV form with JobRelay

Support posting providers: Broadbean, LogicMelon and Idibu

Often, on a recruitment agency site, you may want to have a generic form that allows candidates to upload their CV. You may also present this form to candidates that cannot find a suitable job at present.

It makes sense that this CV is sent back to the ATS (posting provider) to be stored in their system along with the CVs of candidates who apply for jobs.

For ATS’s that support an applicant tracking email address, the preferred method for doing this, is to create a “dummy” job called “CV Upload”. This dummy job will have assigned an applicant tracking address, like any other job. You can then use that address to send notifications to when your upload CV form is completed.

Implementation steps

Follow the steps below to get this done.

  1. Create a job advert in your ATS. Name the job title as “CV Upload” or something along those lines. Just fill in the required fields, and set the job to the maximum expiry date (if possible set to never expire – sometimes the ATS support teams can help with this)
  2. Send this job to your website like any other job. Once delivered, visit the WordPress dashboard, and click on the job to edit it, like you would edit other content in WordPress.
  3. Copy the applicant tracking address saved for the job. Depending on your meta mappings will depend on where this has been saved.
  4. Setup a notification from your CV upload form to deliver a notification to the copied applicant tracking address. Make sure your follow the requirements about applicant tracking with a tracking address.