JobRelay commands

Supported posting services: Broadbean, LogicMelon and Idibu

JobRelay supports the following commands:

Add (or edit) command

When the add (or edit) command is sent over to JobRelay, it first checks WordPress to see if there is an existing job with the same job reference.

If such as job exists, JobRelay will update the existing job with the new job data sent across.

If no job exists with the same job reference then a new job is created in WordPress.

Delete command

The delete command can be sent to JobRelay in order to completely delete a job from WordPress. JobRelay will search for a job in WordPress which has the same job reference as that being sent in the delete command.

If such as a job is found, the job is deleted from WordPress.

Job expiration

Job expiration is handled by the days_to_advertise field which sends over the expiration date of the job. This is saved in WordPress, ready for your website to expire jobs on or after that date.

Find out more about job expiration with JobRelay.