Changing your WordPress URL

JobRelay works by adding a site URL into the job board settings of your job posting provider (e.g. Broadbean) and having the same URL added to your JobRelay account (this is done when JobRelay is setup on your site).

For job posting to work correctly, the two domains must always match up.

Therefore, if you want to change the URL of your site it needs changing in both places. In your multi-poster service, this can be changed in Job Boards > JobRelay > Settings where you will find a field labelled Site URL. You should enter the URL of your site like so:

Note the presence of no protocol in the URL (https) and the trailing slash.

To change the URL in your JobRelay account, there are two steps.

  1. Login to the JobRelay my account area. Click on Purchase History and then click the View License link next to any of the entries. From the next screen click on Manage Sites. Here you can deactivate the old URL and then add the new URL.
  2. Login to the WordPress admin area of the new site URL and navigate to Settings > JobRelay Settings. Click Save at the bottom of this screen.