Consultant data with JobRelay

Many websites want to show consultant data alongside the current job, usually with the name of the consultant who is responsible for the job advert and maybe contact details etc.

When a job gets delivered from the posting service via JobRelay, the following consultant data is delivered too:

In some instances, the values of these fields may not be the consultant details posting the job. This is to do with the way in which your organisation is setup in your posting provider. Please speak to them about the values that are being sent.

The values of these fields can be saved as post meta against the newly created job, when the job is sent from JobRelay. To make sure these values are saved, add the following to your meta mappings setting in the Settings > JobRelay Settings page in the WordPress admin area.


In the example above, the consultants email address can then be obtained in WordPress using the following code.

<?php echo esc_html( get_post_meta( $post->ID, '_contact_email', true ); ?>

The contact email address is the unique piece of information here.