Ensure newly created JobRelay jobs are in draft

If you want to ensure that jobs created by JobRelay are set to a post status of draft rather than publish, the following code achieves this.

The code can be placed in a plugin, or in your themes functions.php file.

 * Alters the args passed to wp_insert_post when a job is created.
 * @param array $args The args passed to wp_insert_post.
 * @param array $data The job data sent to the site.
 * @return array      The modified args.
function hd_jobrelay_edit_insert_job_post_args( $args, $data ) {

	// set the post status to draft.
	$args['post_status'] = 'draft';

	// return the args.
	return $args;


add_filter( 'jobrelay_wpcon_insert_job_post_args', 'hd_jobrelay_edit_insert_job_post_args', 20, 2 );