JobRelay endpoints

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The WP connector plugin for JobRelay has some endpoints which are crucial for the functionality of delivering jobs to your site from your posting provider.

Endpoints are essentially URLs to which your job posting service either read data from, or post data too.

Their are 2 endpoints which always need to remain available for JobRelay to function correctly.

The JobFeed endpoint

This endpoint is the URL to which JobRelay posts data to your site. The endpoint exists on your site at:


If jobs are not posting correctly this is the first thing you should check. You can check this simply by visiting that URL. Of course make sure you add your site domain at the front!

When you visit that URL, you should get something in the screen which looks like this.

{"status":"error","source":"client","message":"No job data was detected."}

Don’t worry that is indicates an error – that is normal in this case. This is because it is expecting us to be posting job data but we haven’t.

The field listing endpoint

Rather than being used to post data too, this endpoint is used for your posting provider to read data from.

The field listing endpoint exists at the following URL on your site:


It will list all of the available values for the different fields in the feed. Some providers (such as Broadbean and LogicMelon for example) only need this endpoint during the setup process with their integrations team. Idibu on the other hand use it every time you post a job.

Endpoint errors

If any of the endpoint return a 404 error, then there is a problem which needs addressing.

More often than not, all that needs to be done to rectify this, is to refresh your sites permalink structure. You can do this in the WordPress admin under Settings > Permalinks and just clicking save. Then check the URL again.

If the problem persists, please contact support.