JobRelay field reference guide

Each supported posting provider, integrated with JobRelay sends a slightly different dataset. Although much of the data is the same, there are some slight differences.

Required fields

All providers send the required fields.

JSON nodeData typeExample valueNotes
subscription_idinteger1The client subscription ID with JobRelay. This can be found on their subscriptions page in “My Account”.
license_keystringdfdf343fsfThe license key assigned to the JobRelay user when they signed up. This should be included in their welcome email but can also be found on the purchase history page
site_urlstring/urlhttps://site.url/The URL of the site to which this users jobs should be ‘relayed’ too. Users should first add this site to their JobRelay My Account > Purchase history > View licenses > Manage sites area.
passwordstringaZkp3760rsAnA password to authenticate the feed. Letters and numbers only.
job_referencestringREF-123A unique reference assigned to this job.
job_titlestringWordPress DeveloperThe job title – no HTML allowed.
job_descriptionstringthe main description of the job. It can contain the following HTML elements
commandstringaddWither add, update or delete.
application_emailstringtracking123@site.urlThis is the email address used to track applications to this job.
application_urlstringhttps://site.url/apply?job=12334The URL of the application form for this job, if not using a tracking email address.
job_sourcestringAwesome Job Posting ServiceA string representing the source of the job (where it was written). For example Broadbean, LogicMelon or Idibu

Provider specific fields

To see all of the fields, delivered from each provider, use the links below.

The fields for each provider are optional. Users can ignore what they don’t want to use and map the fields they do.

Geo location fields

These fields are available for all providers. The providers don’t actually send this data. It is generated by JobRelay for each job and then sent onto your WordPress website.

JSON nodeData typeExample valueNotes
geo_latfloat53.19339The latitude of the job location.
geo_longfloat-2.89075The longitude of the job location.
geo_formatted_addressstringChester, UKThe formatted address of the location sent.
geo_citystringChesterThe name of the city for the geo located location
geo_country_shortstringGBThe shortened country name for the geo located location
geo_country_longstringUnited KingdomThe long country name for the geo located location
geo_administrative_area_level_2_shortstringCheshire West and ChesterThe short version of the second level administrative area.
geo_administrative_area_level_2_longstringCheshire West and ChesterThe long version of the second level administrative area.
geo_administrative_area_level_1_shortstringEnglandThe short version of the first level administrative area.
geo_administrative_area_level_1_longstringEnglandThe long version of the first level administrative area.

It is worth noting that not all of this data is available for every job. JobRelay uses the Google Geo coding API to obtain Geo data for each job, using the job_location field.

The location is run through the API and the resulting data sent on. Depending on the location string, not all this data may be available.

For example, if the location sent via JobRelay is Lancashire, UK, a geo_city value will not be present. This is because the location is not specific enough to return a city value.