JobRelay posting requests being blocked

Sometimes you may see in your job logs, that some jobs have failed.

In the response message which was returned from your website, often there is text indicated that the request was “being verified” or that the request was blocked.

More often than not, this is some sort of firewall running on your site, or on your server (maybe from your host) which blocked the post request from JobRelay to your site.

To try and prevent this from happening, you should add JobRelay to your servers allow list (your host or web developer company should be able to help you with this).

You should add to your allowed list of domains and you should add to your allowed list of IP addresses which should not get blocked when sending POST requests to your sites endpoint.

⚠️ Recently, we have seen examples where users have been pasting in the job description from external services. This something brings in strange job markup. When JobRelay then posts this to your site it is seen as SPAM by your server.

Please ensure that you are not copying and pasting the job description, or you are ensuring you paste this without formatting or that formatting is removed.