JobRelay plus – specifications

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Below are the specifications for your integrated job board, provided as part of the JobRelay plus package. Customisations can be made on request, however an customisation charge may be payable.

Job listings page

The job listings page provides a list of all the jobs currently active on your site. It includes the vertical faceted search.

The listings page has the option of the faceted search to be either on the left of the right.

The job listings themselves can be displayed in 3 different ways:

  1. Job summary – this outputs the following data for each job:
    • Job title
    • Job short description
    • Location
    • Salary
    • Published date
  2. Jobs grid – a grid of jobs outputting the same data as job summary but without the short description
  3. Jobs list – a list of job titles and published dates

Above the job listings the total number of jobs that are found within the current search it output. Below the job listings is either pagination or a load more button, to load in the next jobs if they exist.

Single job page

This is the template which display a single job. The URL format of this job will be:{post-ID}

The post-ID part is replaced with the WordPress post ID for the current job. This ensures that each job has a unique URL.

The following information will be displayed on the single job page.

  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Published date
  • Job industries
  • Job types
  • Working arrangement
  • Salary
  • Location
  • Consultant
    • Job title
    • Name
    • Profile photo
    • Email address
    • Telephone number
    • LinkedIn profile link
  • Application form

This page comes in a two column layout with the main column including the job title, description and application form. The aside column which can be shown either on the left or the right, show the job meta data and consultant information. Consultant information is pulled from a WordPress user – the author of the job post.

Search is provided on the job listings page as a vertical, faceted search. The following search or filter fields are available.

Application form*

An application form will be presented beneath the job information on the single job page. Applications made using this form will posted back into the posting provider (e.g. Broadbean).

The application form will have the following fields included (fields in italic are required fields):

Once the form is submitted, the user is presented with a message indicating a successful application. This message can be customised with different text.

The fields above can be modified, using options provided in the WordPress admin area. The following types of form fields (inputs) can be used:

* An application form can only be used for providers which support the application email tracking method.

Expired jobs

Jobs are sent via JobRelay with an expiry date. Jobs will be expired on or just after this date. This sets the status of the job to expired, ensuring that:

Structured data

Each single job with have the appropriate structured data output on the page. This will included all the required fields including hiring organisation name. This will be set to the name of your recruitment company as it is a required structured data field.

Job board styling

It is expected that your active sites theme will provide styling for basic HTML elements such as lists, headings and paragraphs etc.

We will ensure that your brand colours are used in the areas where these are customisable. These are:

Customisations can be made to ensure the look and feel works well as matches with your brand where is reasonable to do so.

Complete customisation of styling and layout is not available but can be offered for an additional cost if necessary.

Required plugins/services

For JobRelay Plus to deliver the necessary functionality, it uses a number of third party plugins.

* Indicates paid-for plugins

As long as you remain a JobRelay Plus customer, licenses for these products are provided as part of the JobRelay package.

Maintenance and support

As well as providing the job board, JobRelay plus also supports your job board throughout the duration of your contract. This support includes: