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Do you use LogicMelon and WordPress?

JobRelay can help you to stop wasting time, money and effort when writing job adverts twice.

Integrate your WordPress site today using JobRelay.

Are you adding jobs manually to your WordPress website?

Plugins like WP Job Manager can make it easy to add jobs to your site but, if you’re also using LogicMelon, there are potential problems.

Problems when adding jobs manually

Luckily, it’s possible to connect your WordPress website with LogicMelon, so that you can automatically send jobs and receive applications.

(Learn how JobRelay can save you time and costly errors by booking your free, zero-pressure consultation call.)

Smooth and trouble free service with great communication throughout! The video explanation of the work was really helpful to understand the process and what had been done.


Dan Sherratt, Brookwood

Integrating LogicMelon with WordPress

LogicMelon can create a custom feed for your WordPress website and you can find a WordPress developer to integrate that feed into your website.

There are some problems with this approach:

With JobRelay, you get a fixed price, shorter timescales and access to ongoing WordPress integration expertise.

Find out more below, or book your free consultation call now.

Introducing JobRelay

With JobRelay, you can integrate WordPress and LogicMelon, easily, quickly and with a predictable, affordable price.

What does JobRelay do?

JobRelay is like any other job board listed in your LogicMelon account, except the job board is your WordPress website.

Posting a job to JobRelay will send it directly to your WordPress site where it can be displayed just like if you had added it yourself.

Any applications will be sent back to LogicMelon so that you can keep track of them all in one place.

What JobRelay doesn’t do…

JobRelay doesn’t add or change any of the styling or functionality on your website.

It works with, not instead of, plugins like WP Job Manager.

We aim to do one job – and do it well.

Can I use JobRelay with my WordPress site?

JobRelay supports the standard job fields used by most of the recruitment industry. Our favourite WordPress job plugin is WP Job Manager, but we can integrate with others too.

Talk to us to see if your WordPress site is compatible.

What our customers say

Before JobRelay, there was so much extra effort involved in posting jobs to our own website, that we just didn’t do it. We would receive visits to the job page, but it was either empty of only had jobs posted that were way out of date!

The cost of adding the JobRelay integration paid off from the very first month, as we received additional candidates directly from our own website.

What we’re seeing now is those candidates returning to the website to search for other jobs, visit other pages, helping us to build trust and authority with our candidate base.

Harry Loft, Marketing Manager at Crewit Resourcing UK

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