WordPress integrations

Our mission here at JobRelay is to make it really easy for you to connect your job distribution provider with your WordPress website.

JobRelay takes job data from your job-poster, processes it into a standard format and then relays it on to your WordPress site.

There are currently integrations in place with Broadbean, Logic Melon and Idibu, and we’re working hard to add more.

Using another job distributor? Let us know and we’ll see if we can help.

Current integrations

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Integration roadmap

We’re always working to add new integration partners.

Is your multi-poster missing? Let us know and we’ll see if we can help.

What our customers say

Before JobRelay, there was so much extra effort involved in posting jobs to our own website, that we just didn’t do it. We would receive visits to the job page, but it was either empty of only had jobs posted that were way out of date!

The cost of adding the JobRelay integration paid off from the very first month, as we received additional candidates directly from our own website.

What we’re seeing now is those candidates returning to the website to search for other jobs, visit other pages, helping us to build trust and authority with our candidate base.

Harry Loft, Marketing Manager at Crewit Resourcing UK